Nodame Cantabile Review

Nodame Cantabile Screenshot

Animation ProductionJ.C. Staff

Director Kenichi Kasai

Nodame Cantabile is a show that has become quite popular in Japan. It’s popularity have merited a second season in 2008 and 3rd season to be aired in 2009. Honey and Clover director Kenichi Kasai explores the world of classical music through the students of a Japanese music academy.

The beauty of this anime is in the music. Despite your musical tastes you will learn to appreciate classical music more by watching this. It explores a world that is foreign to most of us in a way that is entertaining and interesting. I found myself seeking more about the music and composers of classical music.

Most people will also comment on the strength of the characters in this series. The interaction between the leads Nodame and Chiaki are hilarious and are not the typical romantic comedy troupes. However it is a series more about music than romance. The side characters in the show may be stereotypical but do provide a different dimension to the comedy.

Rating – A

Genre – Music, School, Comedy, Romance Length – 23 Episode series Year – 2007

Currently not licensed in the US, Adapted from manga

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