Lovely Complex Review


Animation ProductionToei Animation

Director Konosuke Uda

This is a romantic comedy if you didn’t already guess by the title. Every once in a while I watch once of these types of shows (Nodame Cantabile, Honey and Clover) and I never seem to be disappointed. I find it much more easy to blast through a series of this genre. Lovely Complex has a stylized and colorful art style which compliments the nature of the characters well. It is the work of Toei Animation and the experienced One Piece director Konosuke Uda. 

The comedy in this anime is enjoyable but it does surround the singular concept of a tall girl and short boy couple which may seem repetitive to some. The greatest strength of this show comes from the relationship portrayal of friend to lover, rejection and perseverance. It is done so genuinely and sweetly that few other shows of the genre can match. 

Nearing the end of the show some rivals are thrown into the mix which I’m not too sure what to think. Do they add to the plot or are they just filler? Despite this there is a satisfying conclusion that you only seem to get with romantic comedies. 

Rating – A-

Genre – Romance, Comedy Episode– 24 Year – 2007

Currently not licensed in the US

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