Eden of the East 07 – Black Swan Dance


Episode Impressions

Eden of the East is in full swing doing what it does best by surprising the viewers. This is a mystery show mixed with science fiction, two of my favourite genre done with a large budget by one of the best animation production studios in Japan. The animation is high quality and the writing is surprisingly vibrant. But enough with the mid season overly positive review and on to what has happened in this latest episode.

Selecao number 11 ,Shiratori Diana Kuroha, the female president of the Aomori foreign model agency A.K.A Johnny Killer is the current antagonist of Akira Takizawa. Her plan is not to win the game but has used her resources to murder perverted Japanese men and replace them by importing foreign men. Akira is caught up with her as he believes Oosugi, a friend of Saki, is to be the next victim. The episode brings again into focus whether or not Akira is the supporter, the person supposed to to keep selecao playing by the rules? And was Akira involved in the careless monday Missile Attacks?


Episode ends with Selecao No11 requesting Super Illusion Material, 3 varieties rental use fee of 28 million yen. Episode Spoilers – (No11 seems to lift the victim who turns out not to be Oosugi, grows black angel wings and flies out the shattered hotel window.)


Eden of the East 06


Episode Impressions

So after watching this episode I’m sure you’re kind of confused. This was a episode filled with more information on what is going on in the world. We are properly introduced to a whole lot of characters which has made the show more interesting. I’ll try to explained what we learn in this episode.

First of all Eden of the East is a association which Saki is part of. Their goal to to create a paradise for neets. The formal definition of a neet is a person who is not currently engaged in education, employment or training. In Japan these class of people have become a social problem due to the lack of jobs among other reasons. So it would seem before having his memory wiped Akira was trying to save the society of Japan by dealing with the neets. Akira has now joined Eden of the East to help them towards their goal and in the process try to accomplish his mission.

Image Recognition – A technology developed by Eden of the East mainly by their programmer Micchon. Saki’s contribution is applying the idea of labelling to make the technology much more valuable and useful. One of its application has become matchmaking causing problems for the group.

“Johnny Taker” – This is what Kuroha, Selecao no.11, is known as in the media. She has supposedly already murder 20,000 people through her influence. I guess you would take this alias literally as the common factor of all the murders. Currently she has Oosugi, one of Saki’s friends tied up.

A good episode and much better than the previous. I am not one to watch a series as soon as each episode come out but this show is definitely doing this. I hope people are doing the same.

Eden of the East 05 – Even though now isn’t the time to think about such things


Episode 5 – Even though now isn’t the time to think about such things

Movie references of the episode – None surprisingly but maybe they were more subtle this time.

Episode Impressions

Character development episode with very little in terms of plot advancement. More about Saki and Akira are fleshed out along with a new Selecao player being introduced. I guess these episodes are important to get the viewers more involved into the characters but I thought it was very typical of many Anime series. The other characters such as Saki’s college friends are not interesting at all. Akira is still an intriguing character as he grasps with what he has done in the past and what he is going to do to save Japan. But overall this has been the weakest episode so far. No spoilers this week.

Eden of the East 04 – Real Reality, Fictional Reality

Eden of the East 04

Animation Production – Production I.G

Director – Kenji Kamiyama

This episode primarily details the rules of the real life game that the main character Akira is involved in.

Movie references of the episode – Quadrophenia

Rules of the Game

Mr Outside – “I have decided to personally choose 12 messiahs to save this country.”

Each Selecao is given 10 billion yen to spend in any way they wish to save the country of Japan. Money is not in cash form but used up through requests made through the phone operator Juiz. Usage history is visible by all Selecao. A supporter is one of the 12 who oversees the actions of the other selecao. The Supporter will eliminate a player if any of the 4 basic rules are broken:

1 – If you abandon the mission or plan to leave.

2 – If you haven’t used the phone for a long period of time.

3 – If you spend the 10 billion for personal desires and not for the nation.

4 – If your balance hits 0 and you have not saved the nation yet.

An overall rule is that only the first one that completes the mission of saving the nation will be allowed to continue living.

Episode Spoiler – (The 5th Selecao Doctor Hiura is eliminated for using the money for personal reasons. He used the money to build a private hospital for the elderly. It is also clear that detective Kondo from the previous episodes was the 4th Selecao before being eliminated for planning to use his money for personal reasons.)

Eden of the East 03 – Evening at the Late Show

Now that the show is in its third episode many of expectations set up in episode 1 are not fulfilled. It doesn’t continue the western themes other than movie references and it has not continued its sense of humour. It has settled down to an interesting mystery show that is still enough to continue watching.

Movie references of the episode – Dawn of the Dead, Cinema Paradiso, The Cold Blue

Episode Summary

Akira and Saki arrive at Akira’s home, the Toyosu shopping complex. In the past Akira bought the complex to be his base of operations. In this episode we are introduce to a Akira’s pet, a puppy with wings.


More about Selecao and Akira’s past is revealed. Akira is part of a game and is number 9 of 11 who are called the Selecao. It seems that their aim is to save the country but we are not entirely sure of the circumstances.

Detective – “No way in hell that we can save a country as rotten as this with 10 billion yen …… Wrapping people up in this dirty game”

Episode Spoilers -( The detective tracks Akira down and takes his phone however he is not able to use the phone as it is finger print locked. Akira calls the detective to return his badge which was taken during the confrontation. Before the exchange could happen the detective is killed)

Eden of the East 02 – Melancholy Mondays


Animation Production – Production I.G

Director – Kenji Kamiyama

Eden of the East episode 2 establishes more about the circumstances surrounding the missile attacks and the history of Akira. The characters are no longer in America and the episode is primarily plot and character development. As more information about the world are revealed the mystery surrounding Akira and the missile attacks become more engaging.

Plot Summary

Saki and Akira have landed in Tokyo and find out about about another missile attack which brings down a passenger jet. This latest attack on Tokyo has caused the first causalities. The attacks have been known as “careless Mondays”. In terms of Akira we learn from a call on his cellphone that it is his responsibility to spend the 8 billion yen in his account. Akira is also is told that he is able to make any type of requests via his cellphone.  With his memory he currently only remembers things from movies (explains the previous Taxi Driver and Bourne references). More about Saki’s is revealed; her parents are deceased, she is in her final year of university and currently lives with her older sister and her husband. The show introduces a detective investigating Akira who is meant to be a part of an organisation called Selecao. The detective has the same type of phone as Akira and is able to make the same types of requests. It is uncertain of the motives of this detective who ends the episode saying “These days not all detectives are necessariy pursuing justice”.



Unexpected reappearance.

edenoftheeastep2Beautiful shot of a bar that the detective visits.

Eden of the East Episode 1 Overview

ishot-1Animation Production – Production I.G

Director – Kenji Kamiyama

Instead of reviewing shows as a whole for some shows I am going to do an episode by episode overview/highlights.

Originally created and directed by Kenji Kamiyama, director and chief writer of the two Ghost in the Shell series, Eden of the East is Production I.G’s flagship show for the new anime season. Already this show has the ingredients to be a must watch.

The initial premise of the show is that we start of with a 21 year old Japanese woman, Saki Morimo, sightseeing in Washington D.C. Saki is in-front of the White House throwing coins on the lawn and as you would expect the secret service are on to her. As this happens we are presented with a naked young man carrying just a gun and a mobile phone who interrupts the confrontation and sets off a chain of events. His name as we learn later on is Akira Takizawa who has lost all memories and is apparently a terrorist.

There are direct references to Taxi Driver and Jason Bourne which bring into focus heavy western influence in this Anime. Oasis’s Falling Down is the opening theme song and throughout the first episode the American people are speaking English.

It is set in the present world and seems to involve themes of  science fiction & mystery. Along with theses premises the show involves wacky humour situations that are within reality. I don’t know if this will continue but it is one of the draws that make this show very interesting. End of episode spoiler (at the airport they see a breaking news report of a missile attack on Tokyo).