Eden of the East 02 – Melancholy Mondays


Animation Production – Production I.G

Director – Kenji Kamiyama

Eden of the East episode 2 establishes more about the circumstances surrounding the missile attacks and the history of Akira. The characters are no longer in America and the episode is primarily plot and character development. As more information about the world are revealed the mystery surrounding Akira and the missile attacks become more engaging.

Plot Summary

Saki and Akira have landed in Tokyo and find out about about another missile attack which brings down a passenger jet. This latest attack on Tokyo has caused the first causalities. The attacks have been known as “careless Mondays”. In terms of Akira we learn from a call on his cellphone that it is his responsibility to spend the 8 billion yen in his account. Akira is also is told that he is able to make any type of requests via his cellphone.  With his memory he currently only remembers things from movies (explains the previous Taxi Driver and Bourne references). More about Saki’s is revealed; her parents are deceased, she is in her final year of university and currently lives with her older sister and her husband. The show introduces a detective investigating Akira who is meant to be a part of an organisation called Selecao. The detective has the same type of phone as Akira and is able to make the same types of requests. It is uncertain of the motives of this detective who ends the episode saying “These days not all detectives are necessariy pursuing justice”.



Unexpected reappearance.

edenoftheeastep2Beautiful shot of a bar that the detective visits.

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