Eden of the East Episode 1 Overview

ishot-1Animation Production – Production I.G

Director – Kenji Kamiyama

Instead of reviewing shows as a whole for some shows I am going to do an episode by episode overview/highlights.

Originally created and directed by Kenji Kamiyama, director and chief writer of the two Ghost in the Shell series, Eden of the East is Production I.G’s flagship show for the new anime season. Already this show has the ingredients to be a must watch.

The initial premise of the show is that we start of with a 21 year old Japanese woman, Saki Morimo, sightseeing in Washington D.C. Saki is in-front of the White House throwing coins on the lawn and as you would expect the secret service are on to her. As this happens we are presented with a naked young man carrying just a gun and a mobile phone who interrupts the confrontation and sets off a chain of events. His name as we learn later on is Akira Takizawa who has lost all memories and is apparently a terrorist.

There are direct references to Taxi Driver and Jason Bourne which bring into focus heavy western influence in this Anime. Oasis’s Falling Down is the opening theme song and throughout the first episode the American people are speaking English.

It is set in the present world and seems to involve themes of  science fiction & mystery. Along with theses premises the show involves wacky humour situations that are within reality. I don’t know if this will continue but it is one of the draws that make this show very interesting. End of episode spoiler (at the airport they see a breaking news report of a missile attack on Tokyo).


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