Eden of the East 03 – Evening at the Late Show

Now that the show is in its third episode many of expectations set up in episode 1 are not fulfilled. It doesn’t continue the western themes other than movie references and it has not continued its sense of humour. It has settled down to an interesting mystery show that is still enough to continue watching.

Movie references of the episode – Dawn of the Dead, Cinema Paradiso, The Cold Blue

Episode Summary

Akira and Saki arrive at Akira’s home, the Toyosu shopping complex. In the past Akira bought the complex to be his base of operations. In this episode we are introduce to a Akira’s pet, a puppy with wings.


More about Selecao and Akira’s past is revealed. Akira is part of a game and is number 9 of 11 who are called the Selecao. It seems that their aim is to save the country but we are not entirely sure of the circumstances.

Detective – “No way in hell that we can save a country as rotten as this with 10 billion yen …… Wrapping people up in this dirty game”

Episode Spoilers -( The detective tracks Akira down and takes his phone however he is not able to use the phone as it is finger print locked. Akira calls the detective to return his badge which was taken during the confrontation. Before the exchange could happen the detective is killed)

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