Eden of the East 04 – Real Reality, Fictional Reality

Eden of the East 04

Animation Production – Production I.G

Director – Kenji Kamiyama

This episode primarily details the rules of the real life game that the main character Akira is involved in.

Movie references of the episode – Quadrophenia

Rules of the Game

Mr Outside – “I have decided to personally choose 12 messiahs to save this country.”

Each Selecao is given 10 billion yen to spend in any way they wish to save the country of Japan. Money is not in cash form but used up through requests made through the phone operator Juiz. Usage history is visible by all Selecao. A supporter is one of the 12 who oversees the actions of the other selecao. The Supporter will eliminate a player if any of the 4 basic rules are broken:

1 – If you abandon the mission or plan to leave.

2 – If you haven’t used the phone for a long period of time.

3 – If you spend the 10 billion for personal desires and not for the nation.

4 – If your balance hits 0 and you have not saved the nation yet.

An overall rule is that only the first one that completes the mission of saving the nation will be allowed to continue living.

Episode Spoiler – (The 5th Selecao Doctor Hiura is eliminated for using the money for personal reasons. He used the money to build a private hospital for the elderly. It is also clear that detective Kondo from the previous episodes was the 4th Selecao before being eliminated for planning to use his money for personal reasons.)

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