Eden of the East 06


Episode Impressions

So after watching this episode I’m sure you’re kind of confused. This was a episode filled with more information on what is going on in the world. We are properly introduced to a whole lot of characters which has made the show more interesting. I’ll try to explained what we learn in this episode.

First of all Eden of the East is a association which Saki is part of. Their goal to to create a paradise for neets. The formal definition of a neet is a person who is not currently engaged in education, employment or training. In Japan these class of people have become a social problem due to the lack of jobs among other reasons. So it would seem before having his memory wiped Akira was trying to save the society of Japan by dealing with the neets. Akira has now joined Eden of the East to help them towards their goal and in the process try to accomplish his mission.

Image Recognition – A technology developed by Eden of the East mainly by their programmer Micchon. Saki’s contribution is applying the idea of labelling to make the technology much more valuable and useful. One of its application has become matchmaking causing problems for the group.

“Johnny Taker” – This is what Kuroha, Selecao no.11, is known as in the media. She has supposedly already murder 20,000 people through her influence. I guess you would take this alias literally as the common factor of all the murders. Currently she has Oosugi, one of Saki’s friends tied up.

A good episode and much better than the previous. I am not one to watch a series as soon as each episode come out but this show is definitely doing this. I hope people are doing the same.

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