Eden of the East 07 – Black Swan Dance


Episode Impressions

Eden of the East is in full swing doing what it does best by surprising the viewers. This is a mystery show mixed with science fiction, two of my favourite genre done with a large budget by one of the best animation production studios in Japan. The animation is high quality and the writing is surprisingly vibrant. But enough with the mid season overly positive review and on to what has happened in this latest episode.

Selecao number 11 ,Shiratori Diana Kuroha, the female president of the Aomori foreign model agency A.K.A Johnny Killer is the current antagonist of Akira Takizawa. Her plan is not to win the game but has used her resources to murder perverted Japanese men and replace them by importing foreign men. Akira is caught up with her as he believes Oosugi, a friend of Saki, is to be the next victim. The episode brings again into focus whether or not Akira is the supporter, the person supposed to to keep selecao playing by the rules? And was Akira involved in the careless monday Missile Attacks?


Episode ends with Selecao No11 requesting Super Illusion Material, 3 varieties rental use fee of 28 million yen. Episode Spoilers – (No11 seems to lift the victim who turns out not to be Oosugi, grows black angel wings and flies out the shattered hotel window.)

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