Eden of the East 09 – The man who lived too little


I though this episode in particular was well paced with the right balance of reveals and suspense throughout the episode.

Episode Summary

Two new selecao are introduced. Mononobe a middle aged former bureaucrat and Yuuki a young man around Akira’s age.

Yuuki is reveal to be the one who “fiiled Japan with holes” with the careless monday missile attacks. However it is uncertain as to the circumstances. He is referred to as “the hero who is trying to prevent hundreds of thousands of millions of people from being wiped out by missiles“. Is there another missile strike planned in the future?

More information is revealed on Akira’s past as he gains access to past activity messages. Some of the messages are below in reverse chronological order.

  • Memory wipe program download from ATO Harima Neuroscience labs (900 yen)
  • Nippon Pacifico Sea Freight Full Container ship x2 Charter (16 million yen)
  • Shibata Industries Sea Container x500 (47 million yen)
  • Destination Dubai Round trip freight rate (298,252,497 yen)
  • Appeal to the MFA for the personal security of 20,000 people (5000 yen)
  • Convenience store meal delivery for 20k people for 2 weeks (136,000,000 yen)
  • Change the caption on street side monitor (3000 yen)
  • Propaganda Truck x150 (50,000,000 yen)
  • Large Charter Bus x100 (1,300,000 yen)
  • Obtain police uniform 1000 outfits (7,350,000 yen)

So from this we know Akira prevented any causalities in the missile attacks by evacuating people from the targeted area. And loaded up 20,000 Neets to Dubai for an unspecified reason.

Activity messages from selecao 10 (Yuuki) were also revealed –

  • Bomb the ordinace-designated cities and the six major cities of Japan (990 million yen)
  • Hack Surveillance Satellite
  • 60 tomahawk missiles
  • Induce Preemptive attack

Rating – 8/10

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