Eden of the East 10 – Who Killed Takizawa Akira?


Episode Summary

This episode has demystified much of the plot and is wrapping up the 11 episode season. We find out that the game that the Selacao are participating in has been set up by Ato Saizo (Mr Outside), the president of the ATO Company, who has been an major political and economic influence in post WW2 Japan. The reason as to why he set this up is believing the current state of Japan was not not going anywhere and needed a revolutionary change.

The three Selecao pictured above are planning to launch another missile attack this time with 60 tomahawk missiles. They aim to eliminate elderly and slackers (NEETS). And on cue the NEETS are back from Dubai and apparently without clothes. Good to see the unique censoring method back again as it was last seen in episode 1.

The only aspects left to tie up are what is going to happen with the missile attacks and who the hell the supporter is.


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