Eden of the East 11 – The East Goes on Further


Episode Summary

This final episode wraps up many of the remaining mysteries and sets it up for the first movie, The King of Eden.

  • Akira used the NEETs as a collective workforce to evacuate people from targeted areas before the initial “careless Mondays” missile attacks. However the evacuated people were suspicious of them knowing where exactly the missiles were going to fall.
  • Akira deflected the blame of the attacks to himself in front of the NEETs who were then sent to Dubai to shield them from the public eye.
  • To prevent the upcoming missile attack Akira used this time the collective minds of NEETs to come up with solution.
  • Akira believing he can’t just make the public believe this latest attack attempt was the fault of terrorists makes himself King/Prince of Japan. “And just like that he became a prince, in a country with no kings”

It’s tough making a final episode for a TV series where you satisfyingly resolve enough of plot but keep it open for future development. I think Kamiyama has done as good of a job as he could with a 11 episode series (around 4 hours total), with such a short amount of time it is hard to develop characters and flesh out this alternate reality. A full series review will be up soon.

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