Nodame Cantabile: Paris Review

nodame cantabile paris opening

Animation ProductionGENCO, JC Staff

Director Chiaki Kon

Nodame Cantabile still continues to be as charming and uplifting as the first season

The second anime TV series of this popular property moves on from Japan to France where our two main characters Chiaki and Nodame begin to make their mark on the international stage. Chiaki continues to pursue his conducting career and Nodame studies at the Conservatoire de Paris. Chiaki Kon takes over from season 1 director Kenichi Kasai.

Expanding on the strengths of the first season we see the growth of the relationship and musical talent of both our leads in entirely charming and enthralling ways. Along with this the sense of humour has been retained with the eccentricities of Nodame as the source of the comedy. The new location also introduces a whole new cast of characters and provide a different view of aspiring musicians of different nationalities.

While watching this second season the reason for my admiration for the show became clear. Each episode ends on a completely upbeat and uplifting note. The creators have been able to weave the world of classical music, which is not very popular among younger generations, to a modern audience and keep them captivated. The music has always been good but in particular the ending theme stands out, it is sang in French by a Japanese.

It is a short season but the 3rd season coming out this year (fall 2009) which will be a direct continuation. This is a highly recommended series for any person remotely interested in music.

Rating – A

Genre – Music, Comedy, Romance Length – 11 Episode series Year – 2008

Currently not licensed in the US, Adapted from manga

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