Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Episode 2 – Breaking World

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Screenshot 2-1

Striving for a sense of realism, many simulations were thought of to create this story, however, circumstances may be different to the real thing.”

The above quote is the foreword at the start of the anime that sums up the direction of the show. So in this second episode we see some of the situations that can arise. The current focus is on Odaiba and we are shown the effects of the earthquake on this artificial island. We see water flowing up through the cracks in the ground, warnings of tsunamis and aftershocks. In the buildings debris is constantly falling down, the floors are flooded and fires are burning.

The character names are revealed in this episode as Mirai Onozawa (3rd year middle school), her brother Yuuki Onozawa (1st year elementary) and Mari Kusakabe (single mother, motorbike delivery driver?). I am liking the focus on real life details and interested in how they will get off Odaiba with rail lines damaged and the bridge not likely safe to cross. I am looking forward to see how Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 progresses.

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