Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Episode 4 – Their Promise

tokyo magnitude 8.0 screenshot 4-1


Episode 4 of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 continues the journey home for Mirai, Yuuki & Mari. Walking is the only viable form of transport at this point in time for the population of people returning home. The issue of uncertainty is weighing on everyone’s mind about whether their home is still standing and if their relatives are alive. As a result people are understandably less considerate and act irrationally.

The second half of the episode focuses on the brother sister relationship. This was handled well with honest emotion with an amazingly executed moment near the end of the episode.

Ending Spoiler – Tokyo tower collapses and Yukki saves Mirai from falling debris. A moment occurs after this when Yukki is on the ground face down and Mirai believes Yuuki is dead. There is enough of a delay of movement from Yuuki for us to seriously believe Yuuki has died, especially with the emotional scene preceding this. Yuuki is fine and pops up surprising everyone.

To continue my ongoing list of earthquake/disaster specific observations the following are examples of the kinds of supplies distributed –

– Portable toilets
– Cup ramen
– Portable meals
– Maps
– 3 day ration and supply packs

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