Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Episode 6 – Choice to Abandon

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 screenshot 6-1

Episode 6 deals with the issue of whether or not the group should split up in order to reach their desired destinations quicker.

Episode Summary

After spending the night at Mirai’s school they arrive at Mari’s work office. Despite the ongoing aftershocks they enter the building. Inside the office Mari collapses from exhaustion and anaemia while a stranger enters the office with a bat. The unknown visitor turns out to be a young employee of Mari’s company by the name of Aya. While Mari is out cold from her fall Yuuki and Mirai leave and we are led to believe they have left to not be a burden to Mari. The place where Mari lives (Sagenjaya), where her daughter and mother should be, is dealing with a fire outbreak and Mari is understandably worried. She is contemplating leaving the children behind to reach them as quickly as possible. Aya is pushing her towards this and offers to take care of Yuuki and Mirai. However as expected Mari is not going to abandon them and goes off to find them. Everything is back to normal and they continue on their journey back home.


A good episode that also explores Mari’s character with flashbacks to her past. The reasons why Mari continues to stick with Yuuki and Mirai become more clear. Also I am still enjoying the depiction of a earthquake damaged modern day Tokyo and the issues that arise.

Screen Captures

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