Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Episode 7 – Summer Evening

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 screenshot 7-4

Episode Summary

In this episode we are introduced to robots used in search and rescue of survivors. The two different types of robots we see are semi-automated, order driven robots and large lifting robots. The first type look like mini tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell and are used to survey the environment looking for survivors. The second type are instrumental to moving fallen debris to provide an escape path for those trapped beneath. Back in the first episode it was established that Yuuki is a huge robot fan, so when Yuuki see these robots he becomes instantly fascinated. Yuuki then meets with a middle school boy who is also a huge robot fan who is taking notes and drawing pictures of the robots.

More issues from the first episode are brought up again; Mirai’s complaints about her parents and her having no idea of what she wants to be in the future. It is clear now that all her complaints are gone and all she wants to do is return home.

End Spoiler – Through out the episode Yuuki is clearly sick with a high temperature and because of his exertions he collapses at the end of the episode.


Very much like the first episode in terms of themes and structure. Enjoyed the look at the use of robots, especially the mini robots which were zipping about the city. While they are probably more advance than what we have today it gives a good indication on the use of robots in the future.

Casualty Statistics

180,000 estimated deaths (exceeds the previous 140k high from the Great Kanto Earthquake),

200,000 wounded,

150,000 unaccounted for.

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