Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Episode 9 – Goodbye, Tonight

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 screenshot 9-1

If I had to base my enjoyment of an episode on amount of screen caps I take this could very well be at the top. This was particularly the case for the first 5 minutes, which you can see in the links below. Definitely one of the best episodes so far.

Episode Summary

The phrase that sets of this episode comes from Mari who says “Why is it different from what they said on the news?” Sangenjaya is a a wreck from the dual effects of earthquakes and fires. Houses have been burnt down and body bags litter the street. Mari reaches her house and sees it half collapsed with no sign of her family. Presumably dead they go to the nearby shelter and search the makeshift morgue. The description of an elderly woman and a 4 year old girl is matched by the authorities, however they have still yet to be identified. Mari as you would expect is devastated and breaks down crying. Meanwhile the kids wanting to continue the search go by themselves to look around the shelter for Mari’s family. And now the mood turns from mournful to elation. Turns out Mari’s draughter is fine and we witness a touching reunion. And Mari’s mother is in the hospital head and arm bandaged up but otherwise fine. Mirai and Yuuki spurred on by the scenes they have just witnessed are determined to get back home as quickly as possible. They board a truck, without Mari but leaving a note, to a place close to their home.

Episode Impressions

This is what they call the payoff episode, the events that have been built up to this point are resolved. Mind you not everything is resolved just the situation with Mari’s family, there are still two episodes left that will cover Yuuki and Mirai’s journey back home.

The episode was structured to lead the audience to experience one set of emotions to another in a span of the episode. Would the creators take the same route for the next family reunion? Or do they have something else on their mind?

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