Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Episode 10 Mirai, you know

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 screenshot 10-3

(EPISODE 10 SPOILERS) I really mean it, do not read this without watching the previous episodes.

…..……. well first of all this was totally unexpected, after the seemingly trite ending of episode 7 and uneventful episode 8, episode 10 brings it all back into focus. All along the creators were in control and knew exactly what they aiming for. The last 2 episodes set up an uneasy feeling that something was not right and gave us hints to what had happened. I was in complete amazement as I watched episode 10 and realised what was really going on.

It is worth it to go back and watch the last 2 episodes again now that we can point out and explain was was going on. First of all in episode 8 there Mirai’s dream sequence of Yuuki, then Mari picking up a piece of paper we now know is a death certificate, and then the reason for Mari crying at the end of episode. In episode 9 the part that I thought was weird was Mari picking up Yuuki’s left behind bag, this set me off thinking at the beginning of episode 10 that something was wrong since you clearly see Yuuki with his bag on. The way the reveal was built up was mind blowing, it gives the series the unexpected ending that I thought wouldn’t be possible.

Next episode we can look forward to the conclusion of the series with how Mirai’s parent react and if Mari makes a return.

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