Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 8

Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 8 – On Summer Days, The Sun Sways

Episode Summary

While on the train to Tokyo the Russians with Tanya capture Suou. Hei is offered a job to work with the Russians who threaten to blow up the train. The fight begins once Tanya stops the train. Suou believes she has killed Tanya with her rifle however Shion was the one shooting from distance.

Mitaka Documents are mentioned again and are referred to as Memory of the Future. And Inazami’s power is described as being able to “send contractors to heaven“.


I feel that the mystery in this season surrounding Inazami and the Mitaka documents are not as interesting as the events in the first season. Although I’m still liking the action set pieces despite Hei not being able to use his contractor powers. I find that I’m only watching this show for the animation, action, and occasional moments of character development.





Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 7

Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 7 – The Doll Sings to the Dancing Snow

As they make their way to Tokyo another contractor is sent by the Russians to capture them. This episode explores Dolls, whether they feel pain and emotions, and contractor’s attachment to them.

Episode Summary

Dr Pavilechenko, Suou’s father, does not seem to be dead. He is spotted by the Russians in Tokyo which might mean he is a doll or has made clones of himself. Also referred to as Izanagi’s father.

Hei hires a smuggler to get them past the blockades looking for them. Successful to the point when the smuggler take off with July. The smuggler intend to sell July as dolls are valuable commodities.

Suou, becoming attached to July,  follows the trail of July’s observation ghost. However she is led to another contractor, Ilia Sokoloff. This contractor’s power is a gaze that puts you to sleep and kills you peacefully. Hei manages to kill him while on top the contractor’s car with his wire.


Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 6

Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 6 – A Sweet Fragrance, A Bitter Heart

Awesome episode that reveals the identity of Inazami and closes off the story in Sapporo as they move on to Tokyo.

Episode Summary

Hei is caught in a trap and fights off with Shizume.  However Hei has lost his contractor power and makes his way back to the rest of the team.

Inazami is revealed to be Yin, a doll that was Hei’s partner.

Hei stops Suou from shooting Inazami and flee the scene separately to draw off Hazuki’s attention.

Suou is attacked by Norio’s contractor mother, saved by an observation ghost which turns out to be Yin.

They head to tokyo where the submarine is headed with Yin/Inazami.

Suou makes an agreement with Hei to stop using her contractor power if Hei stops drinking.



Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 5

Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 5 – Gunpowder Smoke Drifting Away, Life Drifting Away

Episode Summary

Every time Suou summons her rifle there is one round in the rifle and 5 in her pocket.

Suou shoots a hole in the wall trying to kill a cockroach, she hates bugs after seeing Nika killed by Tanya with insects. Alerts the Japanese agency to their location.

Madam Oreille’s info for Kirihara to seek out the Mitaka Documents and Inazami. Shortly after her team has a new objective, to transport an important object (Inazami) from an institute in Sapporo. BK-201 is also revealed to be in Sapporo, I don’t think this was mentioned in the previous episode.

Suou and the others are attacked by a contractor with the power to manipulate water, turns out to be Norio’s mother.

Hei and Suou are assigned a mission to destroy Inazami, Hei takes on the truck transport but it is a decoy for the sea transportation.

Comment – Nearly halfway through the season, when did 12 episodes become the standard? It’s a shame as there is less deviation from the main plot when compared with a full 22+ episode season. My favourite episodes have always been the side stories or the more experimental episodes.


Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 4 – The Ark Sways on the Lake

In episode 4 Suou is coming to terms with being a contractor while still travelling with Hei and July to Tokyo. The fact that contractors do not feel emotions, in particular love are played up however there are definite signs that Suou does indeed have some emotions and may be a different kind of contractor like Hei.

Episode Summary

Kirihara joins the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Statistics Bureau, Research Division, 2nd Investigation Division, 3rd Assistant Chief Clerk under the name Ichinose Yayoi. Joins Sawasaki, Shizume (armour contractor), and Hazuki (blade contractor) with a priority to capture BK-201 and Shion.

Hei is training Suou to be a contractor, they practice shooting and hand to hand combat.

Introduced to a local teenage gang whose leader is the son of a transvestite bar owner. The son’s name is Norio and has an instant crush on Suou.

Kirihara meets with the legendary information broker Madam Oreille to gather information on the location of Hei/Bk-201.



Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 3 – Vanishing into the Snow Field

This season is shaping up well, awesome episode.

Episode Summary

Suou saves Hei from the trap, her pendant triggers her contractor abilities and disrupts the forcefield trap.

One of the contractor’s renumeration is moxibustion. A traditional chinese medicine therapy, where moxa is used to warm regions and acupuncture points with the intention of stimulating circulation through the points and inducing a smoother flow of blood and qi (wikipedia).

Hei and Suou are headed back to Japan as Shion has left a note to Suou to go to Ikeburo, Tokyo Japan.

Tanya is a contractor for the Russians and is sent to use Nika to locate Suou. Later on in the episode she kills Nika.

The high point of the episode and season so far is when Suou’s contractor powers awaken where she can materialise a long barrel rifle.  A great scene. Her renumeration is origami.

The last scene involves Misaki Kirikara from the first season as she is offered to work for Section 35, whose aim is to eradicate The Syndicate. She is looking for Hei a member of The Syndicate.



Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 2

We get to see the opening credits for the first time and this season the song is “Tsukiakari no Michishirube” by Stereopony, Abingdon boys school gets demoted to the ending credits. One interesting clip in the OP is Suou with a long sniper rifle, this image by itself has me hooked to see how this is used.

Episode Summary

Suou’s last name is Palivchenko.

Nika, another school friend of Suou, escapes from getting memory wiped, meets up with Suou for a while but then leaves to search for Tanya.

Both the Russian Army and CIA (who have hired Hei) are after Shion and the meteor fragment.

The magician shows and subsequently get taken down by Hei. His power is distorting the area around him and renumeration is telling people the secret behind a magic trick.

Another group appears consisting of a female contractor who is able materialise blades (renumeration is to kiss anyone) and a male contractor who can cover himself in heavy rock armor. Episode ends with this group trapping Hei in a special forcefield.