Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 1

Decent, not amazing, first episode.

The second season of DTB starts off with Suou a high school student in the Russian city of Vladivostok. While the first half of the episode is pretty typical high school drama it quickly descends to what we expect from DTB, mystery surrounding the contractors and their supernatural powers. The plot seems to involve Suou, Shion and a meteor that landed near them injuring and transforming Shion into a contractor.


Suou – Main character, daughter of a professor (father) and photographer (mother currently in Japan).

Shion – Twin brother of Suou, blind in one eye, a Contractor with a currently unknown power, all we know is that his renumeration period is over (able to stand up from his wheelchair).

April – Hurricane and water wielding MI6 agent returns from season 1

August 7 (The Magician) – Contractor

Tanya – School friend of Suou, transforms in contractor, able to control insects to attack others.

BK201 (Hei) – Lead character of season 1, appears as the Black Reaper wielding his electricity powers.

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