Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 4 – The Ark Sways on the Lake

In episode 4 Suou is coming to terms with being a contractor while still travelling with Hei and July to Tokyo. The fact that contractors do not feel emotions, in particular love are played up however there are definite signs that Suou does indeed have some emotions and may be a different kind of contractor like Hei.

Episode Summary

Kirihara joins the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Statistics Bureau, Research Division, 2nd Investigation Division, 3rd Assistant Chief Clerk under the name Ichinose Yayoi. Joins Sawasaki, Shizume (armour contractor), and Hazuki (blade contractor) with a priority to capture BK-201 and Shion.

Hei is training Suou to be a contractor, they practice shooting and hand to hand combat.

Introduced to a local teenage gang whose leader is the son of a transvestite bar owner. The son’s name is Norio and has an instant crush on Suou.

Kirihara meets with the legendary information broker Madam Oreille to gather information on the location of Hei/Bk-201.



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