Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 11

Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 11 – The Water Bottom is Dry, The Moon is Full

Episode Summary

Episode starts with Suou helping Hei make pelmeni, a russian dish which is a type of round dumpling with a thin dough shell surrounding meat. After this everything is set into motion, Hei goes off to find Yin, Suou goes to meet Shion and section 3 are given the order to kill Izanagi/Shion.

Suou, before seeing Shion, runs into her father who reveals that his dead body that Suou saw was a doll copy set up to protect him. The whole situation surrounding Suou is explained by Dr Pavlichenko that she indeed had died once and brought back with Shion’s power. Suou died when she was 5 but was not brought back until a few years later when Shion made a copy of himself that was flawed. Shion cannot make perfect copies, each time there is one thing different and in this case the difference was gender. This is why they are very similar and both are able to summon a rifle. Memories of Suou up until she was 5 where implanted into this copy along with false memories.

As section 3 locate Suou so do the Americans who are after Izanami and Izanagi as energy source. After a showdown with Shizume they escape but end up leaving Dr Pavlichenko behind who has died from being wounded by a lance throwing contractor.



Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 10

Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 10 -Your Smile On The Street Corner of Lies

Reveals galore in this episode, quite a few mysterious plot points are finally cleared up.

Episode Summary

Suou’s mother (Makimiya Asano) reveals to Kirihara that she saw Suou die in an explosion. So she was understandably shocked to see her daughter return who she had her cremated years ago. She then rationalises that the current Suou must be a copy or clone. The ability to make copies of people is Shion’s contractor ability. However Suou is an incomplete copy and as a result is able to feel some human emotion.

Also revealed is the way Mao lost his human form.  His body was destroyed in the same explosion that killed Suou while he possessed a body of a cat.

Episode ends with Hei returning to the group after a standoff with Kirihara, an orange crescent moon in the sky and Yin shown glowing in a field of flowers.


Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 9

Darker Than Black Gemini of the Meteor – Episode 9 – A Sudden Meeting One Day

Episode Summary

Detective duo from first season return to help Suou find her mom. More as comic relief rather than actually doing anything meaningful. Hei also finally sheds his homeless look.

I clearly wasn’t paying much attention about some of the finer elements of the story as a few things were cleared up in this episode. First of all Izanagi is supposed to be Shion, and Izanami is Yin, I wasn’t paying enough attention to realise Izanagi and Inazami are entirely different. The reason as to why there is so much attention to these two are described in the Mitaka Documents as followed “Izanagi gazes upon the false sea bottom, waiting for Izanami. Izanami will cross the sea bottom, and eventually, the two will meet. When they do, heaven and earth will split into two, and the Gate of Hell will open it’s way there. From the Gate will come forth one, a being unknown. And strife will continue for eternity.

Comment – One thing that has become clear about the show is that it isn’t really a top tier show. It seems better than it really is due to the lack of quality this season. It just doesn’t have the complete package, great action but average story. It is still worth watching, especially as it’s core is enjoyable action sci-fi.

Casshern Sins Review

Animation ProductionMadhouse Studios

Director Shigeyasu Yamauichi

Stylish post apocalyptic action drama

Casshern Sins is Madhouse Studio’s modern re imagination of the classic 70’s anime series Casshan. Director Shigeyasu Yamauchi bring his experience from directing action in numerous movies such as Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya and Digimon.

I watched Casshern Sins having never watched any Casshan related property. I understand it was a fairly popular Tatsunoko property but just not as popular as Speed Racer or Macross. It definitely has a more serious tone throughout the series when compared to other Tatsunoko series. Casshern Sins primarily follows Casshern a cyborg who has caused the world to fall into a state of ruin. The series starts years after this where he has lost his memory of the past and tries to piece it back together.

The ruin of the world has caused the robot population to vastly outnumber the human population. Poisonous gas has caused the death of most of the human population. Robots are also in a way experiencing death as they slowly rust away. The robots having heard a myth are looking to take down and devour Casshern to gain eternal life. Each episode usually deals with a different encounter or scenario in this doomed world culminating with encounters with those involved in the causing this situation.

The animation is distinct with a mixture of thick line manga style and the familiar Madhouse animation style. The fights are beautifully animated and there are plenty of great fights involving individuals and whole armies. One of the main reason to watch this series is the great robot on robot destruction.The music is understated orchestral music which helps set the ominous lonely atmosphere.

Recommended for those looking for a straight up action show with a more serious tone. My only complaints are to do with the character and story progression which do very little to keep you wanting to continue watching the series to the end.

Rating – B+

Genre – Science Fiction, Action, Drama Length – 24 Episode series Year – 2008-09

Licenced by Funimation Entertainment for US distribution.