Casshern Sins Review

Animation ProductionMadhouse Studios

Director Shigeyasu Yamauichi

Stylish post apocalyptic action drama

Casshern Sins is Madhouse Studio’s modern re imagination of the classic 70’s anime series Casshan. Director Shigeyasu Yamauchi bring his experience from directing action in numerous movies such as Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya and Digimon.

I watched Casshern Sins having never watched any Casshan related property. I understand it was a fairly popular Tatsunoko property but just not as popular as Speed Racer or Macross. It definitely has a more serious tone throughout the series when compared to other Tatsunoko series. Casshern Sins primarily follows Casshern a cyborg who has caused the world to fall into a state of ruin. The series starts years after this where he has lost his memory of the past and tries to piece it back together.

The ruin of the world has caused the robot population to vastly outnumber the human population. Poisonous gas has caused the death of most of the human population. Robots are also in a way experiencing death as they slowly rust away. The robots having heard a myth are looking to take down and devour Casshern to gain eternal life. Each episode usually deals with a different encounter or scenario in this doomed world culminating with encounters with those involved in the causing this situation.

The animation is distinct with a mixture of thick line manga style and the familiar Madhouse animation style. The fights are beautifully animated and there are plenty of great fights involving individuals and whole armies. One of the main reason to watch this series is the great robot on robot destruction.The music is understated orchestral music which helps set the ominous lonely atmosphere.

Recommended for those looking for a straight up action show with a more serious tone. My only complaints are to do with the character and story progression which do very little to keep you wanting to continue watching the series to the end.

Rating – B+

Genre – Science Fiction, Action, Drama Length – 24 Episode series Year – 2008-09

Licenced by Funimation Entertainment for US distribution.

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