Nodame Cantabile Finale Review (TV)

DirectorChiaki Kon

Animation ProductionJ.C. Staff

The thrid and last season of Nodame Cantabile brings an end to the anime adaptation of the popular manga series with a pleasant and reassuring conclusion. Continuing on from the second season Nodame and friends are nearing the end of the education at the Conservatorie de Paris and begin the harsh transition from education to career. This is while Chiaki continues his ascent in the music world as a young and upcoming conductor. This season’s most poignant aspect explores the coming of age topic of reaching your dreams and the tough path you have to take to meet them. Nodame goes through a crisis of sorts unsure of her future in music and her relationship with Chiaki. Like the last season the series may have lost some of its wacky humour but it is more than adequately replaced with character development and romance.

The core of the series has always been the music and again we are treated to some grand classical music. The series has always done a good job of explaining the background and history of each piece. Each major piece performed is explained musically in terms of what is going on and is matched thematically with what the composer tried to convey. It really does give a different appreciation of classical music that was written hundreds of years ago. As someone who played a classical instrument for 4 years and quit abruptly it made me regret not sticking with it.

While the animation series has ended I believe the manga still continues on with the story. There is also a live action drama for those who aren’t ready to leave behind the characters of Nodame Cantabile.

Rating – A –

Year – 2010 Length – 11 Episodes (24 minutes per episode)

Genre – Comedy, Drama, Romance

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