High School of the Dead Episode 2

Episode 2: Escape from the Dead

The second episode of H.O.T.D. introduces us to the full cast of survivors at the school as they find a way to survive and escape. The show is sticking to the classic zombie action genre, having a whole bunch of characters with different strengths and weaknesses defeating zombies in interesting ways as they aim to get in contact to their family.
Full cast of characters:
  • Kohta Hirano: The fat guy of the bunch is an otaku military gun hobbyist.
  • Saya Takagi: Pink haired arrogant A student, the brains of the group.
  • Saeko Busujima: Captain of the Kendo Team, has adapted the fastest and the most level headed of the group.
  • Miss Marikawa: Blonde ditzy school nurse, age wise the adult of the group but her personality is not suited to a leader role. The medic of the group.
  • In addition to Takashi Komura and Rei Miyamoto introduced in first episode.
There are quite a few cool moments in the episode in terms of the ways they defeat the zombies. Hirano and Takagi stock up on improvised weapons in mechanics room where Hirano modifies an air powered nail gun for stability and accuracy. Takagi later uses a hand drill in desperation to take down a zombie. Takashi uses a fire hose to clear the zombies on the roof. Saeko uses her bokken to deliver a quick blow to the head which seems to kill them without taking off their head.
Takagi does some experiments to learn more information about the zombies finding out that they only react to sound and are blind. They are not sure yet if they are attracted to heat sources.
Episode ends with them barricading themselves in the teacher’s office. Their plan is to take one of the mini buses and go to each of their homes to see if their family are there. On the TV is a news broadcast about the outbreak, they mention that 10,000 are dead in Saitama, riots are occurring everywhere and that emergency defensive measures are in place. And of course in well versed zombie movie tradition the newscast is interrupted by a zombie attack.

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