SMH 8 Episode Time Loop

The melancholy of suzumiya haruhi time loop

Breaking down the 8 episodes of tedious time loops

If you’re wondering why I took so long to write something about this it shouldn’t be a surprise that the reason was that I was completely bored with these repetitive episodes. At first I thought the series was being its usual subversive self, but it quickly became apparent this was not the case. Even if this ran for 3 episodes it would have been tedious but to have 8, it is definitely unimaginative filler and I can’t imagine what the creators thought to justify this. You would imagine a popular series like this would be handled better.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here’s a recap –

The second season of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi involves an 8 episode arc that is an infinite time loop. The same scenario and dialogue involving their summer vacation are repeated for each of the 8 episodes with different animations of the same events. The only major change between these episodes are from the first to the second where Kyon, Nagato, Aaahina and Koizumi realise their situation of being trapped in a time loop created subconsciously by Haruhi. Episode 3 deals with the 15,498th loop, 4 (15,499), 5 (15, 513), 6 (15,521), 7 (15524), 8 (15,527), and finally 9 (15,532).

The problem was that there was something else they needed to do during summer vacation. Haruhi’s list of things to do during summer vacation were – swimming, festival, fireworks, bug cicada catching, part time job, star gazing, test of courage, fishing event batting practice, and bowling. By the 15,532 time they manage to break the loop when Kyon realises that the only thing that they haven’t done is their summer homework 😐

What’s Next – I guess now I will watch the rest of the series just out of curiosity as I hate to leave a show mid season. The rest of the series has been subbed so expect a review or some impressions of the final 4 episodes within the week.

Heads Up – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2009

suzumiya haruhi 2009 bamboo

Animation Production – Kyoto Animation

Director – Tatsuya Ishihara

The long awaited return of the original season that aired in 2006 is back and is starting to air some new episodes. This return is a combination of the 14 original episodes along with 14 new episodes. The reasons to watch this show stem from the fast paced comedy with the energetic Haruhi, and jokes making fun about Otaku culture mixed with a lot of dry humour. Basically the people behind this show are very self aware of their audience and do a fine job of exploiting it for humour.

The first new episode ‘Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody’ involves Haruhi’s latest obsession, tanabata. Tanabata is a Japanese tradition where they hang pieces of paper with their wishes on a bamboo tree. It celebrates the meeting of the stars Altair and Vega. Below are the wishes of the main characters and give a good account about their personalities. The rest of the episode involves time travel.


  • Mikuru Asahina – I hope I get better at cooking/sewing
  • Yuki Nagata – Change, harmony
  • Itsuki Koizumi – World peace and safety of my family
  • Kyon – Give me money, give me a two storey house
  • Haruhi Suzumiya – I wish the world would revolve around me, I wish for the world to rotate in the opposite direction