Crystal Blaze Review

crystalblazeAnimation ProductionStudio Fantasia

Director Mitsuko Kase

Saikano director Mitsuko Kase brings us Crystal Blaze a science fiction story involving genetic experiments to create super humans for war purposes. The focus is on a detective agency pursuing this case.

This is a very average show, it involves a range of typical anime stereotypes that make this a completely unimaginative show. There’s an evil scientist, perverted doctor, cosplaying & cross dressing characters. The main hook of the show is the mystery surrounding these genetically modified young women which the failed experiments turn into crystal with a blaze and quickly disintegrate.

One positive from the show comes in the final episode where you can see a car fly into a helicopter as it’s gas tank is being shot. Other than that I find it hard to recommend this show to anyone. There are better shows that deal with the supernatural such as Darker than Black which also has detective and mystery elements.

Rating – C

Genre – Science Fiction, Mystery Length – 12 Episode series Year – 2008

Currently not licensed in the US, English name is Glass Maiden however Fuji Creative Corporation has not been successful in licensing in the US.

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