Future Police Urashiman Review


Animation ProductionTatsunoko

Director Seiji Okuda

This show has become a favorite of mine from the 1980s alongside Robotech/Macross. It is a more episodic show (apart from the final few episodes) where each episode involves the confrontation between the the criminal organization Necrime and the Mobile Police Unit. The underlying plot of the show involves Ryuu Urashiman who has time slipped into the future (2040s) from the 1980s to become part of the police unit.

There are some standout episodes which deal with what Tokyo would be like in the future from the perspective of the 80s. The prerequisite 80s SF of laser guns, flying cars and zero g discos are all present. I have a soft spot for SF shows and this is one that is light hearted and perfect for watching an episode now and then. However I couldn’t bear to watch more than a few episodes at a time which could mean it can be a bit repetitive and formulaic. I’ve been watching the show for a couple of years and with the final episode being subbed this year I was determined to finish the show.

Animation production company Tatsunoko brought us this lesser known but classic show which was for some reason was not released in the US. For our benefit it has been fan-subbed by Anime Classics.

Rating – B+

Genre – Science Fiction, Action Length – 50 Episode series Year – 1983

Currently not licensed in the US, Adapted from manga. Was Released in Italy, Germany and France.

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