Eden of the East 08 – Search for a Fore-Lost Journey


Episode Impressions

If you are keeping up with this series as I am you would probably be wondering what can they possibly do in the final 3 episodes of the TV series. There have been great episodes in the past, especially the 1st and 7th, but there certainly have been average episodes. Being a 11 episode series you would expect each episode to be interesting but it is increasingly becoming cleat that this is a set up for the movie that will follow the series. There are 3 episodes left and a whole lot of Selecao have not yet been introduced.

Here is a summary of what happens in this episode –

  • Akira along with Saki and Micchon take a train to Kyoto to meet a talented secluded computer expert.
  • Akira needs this expert to gain access to Selecao number 11’s phone so that he can learn more about his history from the past messages.
  • There is more mystery about the 20,000 missing neets and controversy about Akira’s mysterious past. Akira is entered into Eden’s recognition system and comments start popping up identifying him under multiple names. We end the episode more uncertain about Akira’s character and intentions.

Episode Rating – 7/10 (Solid)

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